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Gin Lane 1751 Victoria Pink Gin - 70cl | 40% ABV

Gin Lane 1751 Victoria Pink Gin is a natural infused Pink Gin, very useful in cocktails such as the Martini and Negroni. Packaged in classic Victorian style bottle with engraved label, each bottle is individually numbered.

The tradition of blending gin with bitters was first created by the British Royal Navy to balance out sweet and dry gins...and supposedly to help cure sea sickness. Smooth, refreshing and floral with a gentle hint of spiced bitters

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The Region Great Britain

Winemaking in Great Britain can be traced back to Roman times, when every important villa had a garden of vines. However, a succession of winemakers through the ages have struggled to make successful wines in such a marginal climate and commercial winemaking was almost non-existent until Hambledon...

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