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Compass Box Hedonism Blended Grain Scotch Whisky - 70cl | 43% ABV

The Compass Box Hedonism blend is unusual in the Scotch whisky world, as it is a rare example of a blended 100% grain Scotch whisky. Going back 100 years, grain whisky brands were more common, but they were overtaken in popularity by the big brands of blended Scotch. Today, most Scotch grain whisky goes into into the big brand names, typically at a young age, and blended with malt whiskies.

However, when good Scotch grain whisky is aged in good quality American oak casks, the results can be stunning - rich, sweet, alluring whisky, redolent of vanilla, pastry cream and coconut.

Compass Box search for old casks of Scotch grain whisky for the Hedonism blend. The whiskies are combined according to each recipe, then married in 100% first-fill American oak barrels or rejuvenated American oak Hogsheads for up to 24 months before bottling. Steps like these enhance complexity, flavour integration and soft mouthfeel.

This is a whisky that will appeal to both the ardent whisky enthusiast and newcomers to whisky alike.

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