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Compass Box The Spice Tree Blended Malt Scotch Whisky - 70cl | 46% ABV

When Compass Box first introduced "The Spice Tree" whisky it caused something of a shockwave in the Scotch Whisky world because of the 'unusual' ageing process. Pressure from the The Scotch Whisky Association forced The Compass Box Whisky Company to stop making it for a time; however, undeterred, they worked with their cooper friends in both France and Scotland to develop a new, hybrid oak cask that would allow them to achieve similar results!

Et voila, The Spice Tree whisky was resurrected – matured using a custom-made cask with French oak for the heads and American oak for the bodies. Spice Tree is a rich, intense blended malt scotch whisky redolent of baking spices and layered with toasty oak accents that complement the underlying distillery character.


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