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Martín Códax Albariño 2019

Martín Códax comprises of around 2,400 tiny vineyard parcels managed by 550 families in Rías Baixas. It has become the largest producer in Galicia with 450 hectares of vineyard planted with Albariño, representing 13% of the total Rías Baixas DO. The vineyards are primarily in the Salnés Valley, an average of five kilometres from the sea, ensuring the warm days are moderated by cool nights. The warm temperatures produce ripeness and full citrus and apricot fruit, while the colder temperatures at night ensure fresh, pure Albariño aromatics. The soils are granitic and the vines are trained on a traditional horizontal trellis system known as 'Emparrado' which is similar to pergola. This wine is pale lemon in colour. The nose is full of ripe fruity notes married with elegant aromas of fresh herbs, green apples, citrus fruit and grapefruit. The palate is refreshing and zesty with great flavour intensity which persists on the long finish.

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Martín Códax
Galicia & Atlantic Coast
Sub Region:
Rías Baixas
White Wine
Primary Grape(s):
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Stelvin Lux
Contains Sulphites:
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The Producer Martín Códax | Rías Baixes

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Martín Códax is a modern and dynamic co-operative, situated in the Val do Salnés subzone in the north of Rías Baixas. It is the largest producer in Galicia and an estate-grown Albariño specialist, conducting ongoing research into the variety. It was founded...

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Martín Códax Albariño 2019

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Great recommendation!

We loved it, exactly what I had hoped to find (drinkable, crisp, refreshing). Thank you for your recommendations. We will be back for more!