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Antinori Grappa Tignanello

A refined and aromatic grappa produced with grapes from the Tignanello vineyard... Read More...

GAJA Ca' Marcanda Grappa Magari - 50cl | 45% ABV

Made from the pomace of the seductive Magari produced at Ca' Marcanda in Bolgheri... Read More...

GAJA Grappa di Barbaresco - 50cl | 42% ABV

Made with Nebbiolo from the GAJA family vineyards. Warm spicy notes and long finish... Read More...

GAJA Grappa di Brunello di Montalcino Rennina - 50cl | 45% ABV

Made from the Sangiovese grape sourced from the beautiful Pieve Santa Restituta Estate in Tuscany... Read More...

GAJA Grappa Rossj Bass - 50cl | 42% ABV

It’s the fabled Chardonnay grapes which give this Grappa it’s full and fruity character... Read More...

GAJA Grappa Sperss - 50cl | 45% ABV

Aged in barrel to add texture and give the distinctive warm caramel hue.. Read More...

Grappa di Barili di Sassicaia

A full-bodied, structured and majestic Grappa...

Romano Levi Grappa di Barolo - 70cl | 42% ABV

A unique Grappa di Barolo with a peerless, intense taste... Read More...