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Achaval Ferrer Malbec 2015 | Magnum (150cl)


Achaval Ferrer Malbec is a very authentic, pure and intense expression of Argentina's flagship variety. The grapes for this wine are bought buy Achaval Ferrer from contracted growers who work under their direction on three different vineyard sites.

The Mayor Drummond Vineyard is approximately five hectares of 66-year-old vines, grown at 960m above sea-level, on gravel soil and planted at 5,500 vines per ha. The La Consulta Vineyard is twelve hectares of younger 13-year-old vines at 1,060m, planted at a density of 4,000 vines per hectare on sandy gravel.The Medrano Vineyard is an impressive 86 years old and the eleven hectares of low-yielding vines are at 670m, planted at 4,000 vines per hectare on heavier soil, with some clay.

Dark and sultry, this is a rich and intensely coloured wine made from old, low yielding, vines. Heady perfume, the heightened aromatics and a delightful balance of berries, cherries and savoury nuances; pepper, juniper and pink pepper, make this Malbec highly attractive.


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