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Basil Hayden Small Batch Bourbon - 70cl | 40% ABV

The Basil Hayden Small Batch Bourbon recipe dates back to 1796, when Master Distiller Basil Hayden Sr. created a whiskey unlike any other. He used a traditional corn base, but mixed in small grains in his mash to capture the spicy flavour of rye and complement the sweet smoothness of corn.

Over 200 years later, Basil Hayden's is a still singular bourbon that combines the distinctive flavours of rye whiskies with small batch Bourbons. Packaged in 'Prohibition style', Basil Hayden's is extra aged for 8 years and bottled at a relatively mild 40% abv (80 proof). The whiskey is made with twice the percentage of rye than other Jim Beam Small Batch Bourbons, imparting a remarkably spicy, sweet character.

Golden amber in colour. On the nose this shows a lifted spicy character with notes of tea and a hint of peppermint. Dry clean palate with the light-bodied, gentle bite spice and pepper softened by a touch of honey.

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