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Champagne Pierre Gimonnet et Fils Oenophile Extra Brut 2008

The Champagne Pierre Gimonnet et Fils Oenophile Extra Brut is a 'non dosée' (no dosage) style of vintage champagne. An absolutely outstanding example of its type, this cuvée captures the brilliance of the 2008 vintage. Classic Gimonnet in style: racy, driving and mineral with real delicacy. This blossoms in the glass to reveal an underlying seriousness which will unravel with age.


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The Region Champagne

Champagne only comes from Champagne in France and remains the pinnacle of sparkling winemaking, despite the proliferation of ’traditional method’ sparkling wines on the market. The winning combination of top quality grape varieties, a northerly climate, hundreds of years of winemaking using the ‘méthode champenoise’, as well...

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The Primary Grape Chardonnay

Organic vines in vineyard with crop cover

Chardonnay takes its name from a village in the Mâconnais, but has expanded widely from its Burgundian roots and is now planted around the world. The...

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