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Château Grand Village Bordeaux Supérieur Rouge 2013

Château Grand Village Bordeaux Supérieur Rouge is a unique wine that far exceeds its Bordeaux Supérieur appellation level and the Guinaudeau family cherishes it every bit as much as they do its more illustrious stablemate Château Lafleur. The vineyards are worked by the same team and with the same meticulous care and attention to detail that are seen in the great Pomerol vineyard. The grapes (predominately Merlot with the addition of Cabernet Franc) are carefully selected according to the quality of the harvest and only the best fruit is retained. This red wine is delicious in its youth yet has surprising longevity and is normally at its peak around 3-6 years after harvest, depending on vintage.


Wine File
Château Grand Village
Sub Region:
Bordeaux Supérieur
Red Wine
Primary Grape(s):
Cabernet Franc , Merlot
Bottle Size:
Natural Cork
Contains Sulphites:
Units Per Bottle:

The Producer Château Grand Village | Bordeaux, France

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