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The Producer Coopers Creek | Auckland, New Zealand

Coopers Creek Chalk Ridge Vineyard

Andrew and Cynthia Hendry’s love of fine wine and food led them into winemaking and consequently they bought the land near Auckland on which Coopers Creek was established in 1980, with the aim of producing the very highest quality wines. The Coopers Creek...

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Coopers Creek Gisborne Malbec 2016

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The Region New Zealand

From the sub-tropical Northland to the world’s most southerly grape growing region of Central Otago, the vineyards of New Zealand stretch out over 1000 miles and benefit from the moderating effect of a maritime climate (no vineyard is more than 80 miles from the ocean).

New Zealand...

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The Primary Grape Wine By Grape Variety | Malbec

Organic Vineyard

Malbec is a black grape variety that is traditionally used in Bordeaux blends to provide both colour and tannin to the wine. It is also grown in the Loire, South-West France, where it was responsible for the ‘black-wine of Cahors’ and many other Mediterranean wine regions....

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Customer Reviews

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Gold - Sommelier Wine Awards 2019

With its ‘lovely ripe fruit, balance and length’, team leader Laurent Richet MS
was happy to award this a Gold, adding that it was ‘juicy, fleshy and meaty, with
coffee aromatics’, and suggesting it would work well with ‘venison or leg of lamb’.
Francesca Turra of Mondrian London suggested it would certainly work with
‘fatty dishes’ and Mattia Mazzi of The River Cafe thought that this Malbec was
more ‘in a Cahors style, as it’s drier and fresher’.