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Cremorne 1859 Colonel Fox's London Dry Gin - 70cl | 40% ABV

Cremorne 1859 Colonel Fox's London Dry Gin is produced by Charles Maxwell, owner of Thames Distillery. Produced in batches of just 1,000 bottles, to a classic London Dry recipe and using just six botanicals. Juniper from Italy, Bitter Orange peel sourced from Morocco (gives freshness), Cassia bark (produces an aromatic spice), Angelica root (helps to make the gin dry), Coriander seed (releases lemon and a peppery finish) and liquorice root, which gives sweetness and a creamy mouth feel.

A soft, smooth spirit. It has some dry juniper & sweet liquorice towards the end & citrus in the middle.

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The Region Great Britain

Winemaking in Great Britain can be traced back to Roman times, when every important villa had a garden of vines. However, a succession of winemakers through the ages have struggled to make successful wines in such a marginal climate and commercial winemaking was almost non-existent until Hambledon...

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