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The Producer Domaine Morin Langaran | Languedoc Rousillon, France

A view across the Étang de Thau from Séte

First established in 1330, the vineyards of Domaine Morin Langaran are located close to the Étang de Thau and run alongside the Via Domitia. The property originally belonged to the Order of the Knights of the Holy Spirit; however, during...

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The Region Languedoc Roussillon | France

Town of Carcassonne in the Languedoc

The Languedoc - Roussillon wine region in the south of France is one of the largest areas planted to vines in the world and accounts for almost a third of the total French wine production. As...

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The Primary Grape Wine By Grape Variety | Piquepoul

Organic Wine Vineyard

Piquepoul, Picpoul or Picapoll is an ancient white wine grape variety and the grape behind Picpoul de Pinet AOP, one of the named Crus of the Côteaux du Languedoc in southern France. It produces crisp citrusy wines with subtle mineral overtones.

In addition to Picpoul...

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