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The Producer Domaines Leflaive | Puligny, France

Domaines Leflaive - with an 's' - is the label under which Domaine Leflaive (singular) sells wine made from grapes grown outside Puligny Montrachet but vinified at the Leflaive cellars in Puligny. The vineyards supplying the fruit are either owned by the Domaine...

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The Region Burgundy | France

The wine region of Burgundy provides a multitude of different appellations and vineyards split between numerous individual owners, each with varying degrees of competence and experience. Thus buying and enjoying Burgundy can appear to be a complex and exasperating process for wine consumers.

Burgundy offers a rich...

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The Primary Grape Chardonnay

Organic vines in vineyard with crop cover

Chardonnay takes its name from a village in the Mâconnais, but has expanded widely from its Burgundian roots and is now planted around the world. The...

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