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The Producer Eden Road Wines | Canberra District, Australia

Eden Road Wines New South Wales Australia

Established in 2008, Eden Road Wines are a boutique winery located at Murrumbateman in New South Wales' Canberra Wine District. They were awarded the most prestigious wine award in Australia - The Jimmy Watson - for their...

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The Region New South Wales | Australia

Sydney Harbour New South Wales Australia

New South Wales (NSW) was the first Australian state to be colonised by Europeans and subsequently was the first to grow the grapevine. The original grape vines came with the First Fleet and were planted at Sydney Cove...

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The Primary Grape Wine By Grape Variety | Syrah / Shiraz

Organic vines in Vineyard with crop cover

The name Syrah is derived from Shiraz (the grape name adopted by Australia) and is a black grape variety that makes dark, spicy red wines in many countries. The wines from this grape...

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