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The Producer Ets. Jean-Pierre Moueix | Libourne, France

Inside Ets. Jean-Pierre Moueix Wine Warehouse - Libourne, Bordeaux

The Établissements Jean-Pierre Moueix were founded in 1937 by the late Mr. Jean-Pierre Moueix on the Quai du Priourat in Libourne, Bordeaux and remain today a family business. They worked exclusively with the relatively unknown wines of the "Right...

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The Region Bordeaux | France

The French wine region of Bordeaux is blessed with an almost-perfect viticultural situation on the west coast of France, and is probably the most well-known wine region in France and famous the world over for its enviable château-based classification system.

Most vineyards in Bordeaux are not known...

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The Primary Grape Merlot

Organic Vineyard with crop cover in vines

Merlot is a very popular red wine grape variety with big red and black fruit flavours of raspberries, ripe strawberries, plum and blackberry, giving the wine a softer taste. It is invaluable in the production or red wines from Bordeaux, particularly...

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