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Kongsgaard Raw Gin - 70cl | 44% ABV

Kongsgaard Raw Gin is a Danish Gin distilled in Cognac, France in open flame Cognac stills. Inspiration for the gin centres on the Danish town of Roskilde, an oak wood tree and the ancient seat of power for the Vikings. Kongsgaard Gin takes you on a journey from root to fruit via its extensive list of complex botanicals such as coriander seed, raw liquorice root, charred oak and resin, to name a few, along with a unique addition of Danish apples.

On the nose you get, crisp apple and light juniper with a tint of citrus. Once diluted with a drop of water, the liquid clouds as the essential oils opens up, intensifying both earthier and piney notes. First mouthful, starts up extremely smooth, followed by warm spiced apple pie - balanced with a slightly floral freshness from ginger and galangal. It ends up leaving you lingering with a dry spicy cinnamon and juniper end.

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