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The Producer Lagar de Cervera | Rías Baixes, Spain

Lagar de Cervera Vineyards in Rías Baixes

In 1988, La Rioja Alta, was looking for somewhere to branch out into new wine-making fields in Galicia and as such bought into Bodega Fernández Cervera Hermanos a family owned property for which wine was more a...

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The Region Galicia & Atlantic Coast | Spain

This region of Spain, exposed to the northern Atlantic, can be cold, wet, and green and is often referred to as 'España Verde' or ‘Green Spain’. The wine region stretches from Galicia on Spain’s northwest coast to a portion of northern Spain that includes the Txakoli DOs...

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The Primary Grape Wine By Grape Variety | Albariño

Healthy Organic Vines in Vineyard

Albariño is one of the most distinctive white wine grapes in Spain. Its heartlands are in Galacia, in the Learn More