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Lofthouse Sauvignon Blanc 2016


Lofthouse Vineyard and wine label shares the name of its founders Rod and Di Lofthouse, an English couple (from Leeds, Yorkshire) who moved to New Zealand in the mid 1980's and bought a vineyard, having absolutely no winemaking experience whatsoever. They relied on their neighbours advice and assistance, creating a wine (de Gyffarde) that became somewhat iconic.

The wine was so successful that the Giesen brothers, a well-known Marlborough wine producing family, offered to buy their estate. Today, world-class Sauvignon Blanc is still made from the same Marlborough vineyard that the Giesen brothers bought from Rod and Di many years ago.

The Lofthouse Sauvignon Blanc is Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc at its best - grassy, fresh and invigorating. The relative cool climate of the Mrlborough wine region provides ideal growing conditions for this aromatic grape variety. The Lofthouse Sauvignon Blanc offers nettle and citrus character with a lovely crisp acidity.