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Matetic Syrah 2012


The Matetic Syrah is made from hand-picked grapes that undergo a strict bunch and berry selection process to attain the best quality fruit for the wine. After fermentation the wine is aged in French oak barrels for 20 months before being bottled without filtration. The bottled wine is then aged for a further 12 Months in the Matetic cellars before being released for sale.

The Matetic Syrah is a very dark, deep violet colour, with an expressive nose of pepper, violets, moist earth, meats, spices, chocolate and soft menthol notes. The palate has great balance between an acidic freshness and sweet velvety hints that give off their soft and powerful tannins at the same time. The flavours confirm the complexity felt in the nose, filling the mouth with balance and finesse, leaving a prolonged end. This wine has a great potential for ageing.