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The Producer Planeta | Sicily, Italy

Planeta Vineyards in Menfi, Sicily

Planeta was founded in 1985 and in a relatively short space of time it established itself as one of the most dynamic and quality orientated wineries in the whole of Italy. Run by cousins Francesca, Alessio and Santi Planeta...

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The Region Sicily (Sicilia) | Southern Italy

Mount Etna on the Island of Sicily

Italy's southernmost wine region, Sicily, is the largest island in the Mediterranean and in terms of quantity, is one of Italy's most important wine producing regions. In recent times Sicily’s winemakers have moved away from high-volume, unremarkable wines, to focus on...

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The Primary Grape Wine By Grape Variety | Grillo

Organic vineyard

Grillo is an Italian white wine grape variety grown in Sicily where it is most famous for its role in the island's fortified Marsala wines. It is still widely planted on Sicily despite Marsala's fall from fashion and is now used most commonly in a variety...

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