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The Producer Santadi | Sardinia, Italy

Santadi is one of the jewels of the Mediterranean paradise of Sardinia, the small Cantina di Santadi co-operative owes much of its success to the invaluable consultancy of Giacomo Tachis, the man behind the great reds of Antinori in Tuscany. Santadi (as...

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The Region Sardinia (Sardegna) | Southern Italy

Sardinia Wines from Italy Online at Hic!

Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean and whilst known as Sardegna to its Italian-speaking inhabitants, it has belonged to various empires and kingdoms over the centuries. This historic influence is reflected in its place names, architecture, languages and...

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The Primary Grape Wine By Grape Variety | Carignan

Organic Vineyard with cropcover

Carignan, is a red wine grape variety that is of Spanish origin, from around the town of Carineña west of Priorat in the province of Aragon. Carignan, also known as Carginano in Italy and Cariñena or Mazeulo in Spain, is one of the most...

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