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T-Oinos Clos Stegasta Assyrtiko 2017

The iconic T-Oinos Clos Stegasta Assyrtiko is sourced from the organically farmed Clos Stegasta vineyard planted on the Greek island of Tinos. Here, in the past, access to the land to carry the grapes away was difficult, so grapes were pressed on site, in hand built sheltered wine presses to protect from the extreme winds...which is where the place name "Stegasta" originates. Clear, bold citrus fruits, dried herbs and a hint of pineapple. The palate grips you with firm, stimulating acidity and salty, gentle tannins. The finish is long and develops excellently in the glass.

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White Wine
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Natural Cork
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The Producer T-Oinos | Tinos

T-Oinos Vineyards in Tinos

On the harsh, hilly landscape in the centre of the island of Tinos lie the vineyards of Alexandre Avantangelos. Greek born, he moved to France at the age of 17 and, on his return to Greece, he brought an engrained love of french culture...

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T-Oinos Clos Stegasta Assyrtiko 2017

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The Region Greece

Greece can be considered neither new nor old, but part of the ancient world, with evidence of wine production dating back 6,500 years. In the ancient world, Greece was once one of the foremost producers of wine. However, in contrast to the country’s important wine heritage, modern...

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The Primary Grape Wine By Grape Variety | Assyrtiko

Healthy organic vines in vineyard

Assyrtiko (pronounce: A seer' tee ko) is one of Greece's signature white wine grape varieties, used for both dry and sweet wine. It was first planted on the island of Santorini where it yields a bone-dry, steely wine that has deliciously concentrated citrus...

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