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The Producer Thelema Mountain Vineyards | Stellenbosch, South Africa

Thelema Mountain Vineyards (TMV) is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after names in South Africa. Situated high up the Helshootge pass to the east of the town of Stellenbosch, the farm comprises 157 hectares of land, where Gyles Webb has carved...

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Thelema Merlot 2015

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The Region Coastal Region | South Africa

Vineyards of Klein Zalze in South Africa

The Coastal wine region is considered to be the historic birthplace of South Africa's wine industry and is arguably the country's most prolific wine producing region of high-quality, award-winning wines. The region contains nearly half of South Africa's land under vine...

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The Primary Grape Merlot

Organic Vineyard with crop cover in vines

Merlot is a very popular red wine grape variety with big red and black fruit flavours of raspberries, ripe strawberries, plum and blackberry, giving the wine a softer taste. It is invaluable in the production or red wines from Bordeaux, particularly...

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