Domaine Patrick Javillier | Meursault

The Javillier family has lived in Meursault for several centuries and have always owned a few plots of vines. On returning from the war in 1945, Patrick Javillier’s father Raymond took over the running of the vineyard and expanded the estate.

After qualifying as an oenologist in 1973, Patrick Javillier left to do his military service and then upon his return in 1974 he made wine for the first time. Since 1980 the estate has grown further with the acquisition of more vines and the addition of those belonging to his wife’s family.

Patrick is one of the most reflective of white wine makers, the walls of his cellars and the sides of his barrels being covered in chalk where he has been developing one or another of his theories. He is convinced that long élévage on the lees is essential for the future development of the wine in bottle, so he uses a Vaslin press for his whites because it keeps more of the solids than a pneumatic press. Most of the wines are taken out of barrel after a year, then matured further in tank on their fine lees.

The Bourgogne Blancs are vinified as crus and have all the character of real Meursaults. 

Patrick Javillier is now one of Meursault's best growers and since 2005 has been joined by his eldest daughter Marion after she completed her studies in management, oenology and viticulture.

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