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Hello, I’m Andy Saxon proprietor of Hic!

Thanks for taking the time to discover more about us and what we do.

I’ve been retailing wines and spirits for 25+ years, establishing my first shop in the mid 1990s’ and then Hic! in 2004.

My formative years were spent in the hospitality industry (isn’t everybody’s?) and I was fortunate enough to ply my trade working front-of-house in some of the country’s smartest establishments - ties, trousers, proper shoes and everything - and it is where my passion for the wine trade really all began.

During my time spent serving in the “on-trade” I discovered the increasing popularity of wine consumption at home, alongside a growing movement of “real” wine drinkers, seeking out genuine quality and originality when selecting their wines; something distinctly lacking at the time on many of the shelves in the high-street stores.

Consequently, I embarked on my retail adventure intent on promoting a range of interesting, well-made wines from some of the most desirable wineries in the business, many of which had previously only been available to hotels and restaurants. Working with a select number of specialist importers, I introduced my range directly to a growing band of discerning knowledgable drinkers - no minimum orders necessary, all wines are available by the single bottle, case or mixed case, and always at the best possible everyday price!

Today, our portfolio of wines - built up through relationships that span many vintages - combines history, tradition and legendary winemaking of superstar status, alongside examples from innovative and dynamic new-wave wine producers who are championing indigenous grape varieties and more modern styles of wine production. Many of our producers are family-owned, with great personalities and who are passionate about producing authentic, individual and unique wines from the land that they own. The passion for the wine which they produce, the way in which they farm the land, value the environment, their vinification practices, sustainability and respect for traditions all weigh heavily in our selection criteria and we are proud to support them through our website and retail store.

Considering my experince in hospitality, it should come as no surprise that I pride ourselves on the outstanding levels of customer service we offer. Our independence gives us tremendous flexibility and freedom to operate within the industry and allows us to offer a bespoke service you will find hard to match elsewhere. We want all our customers to be happy and confident in using Hic! for their liquid refreshments and so we are always on hand should the shopping experience with us be anything short of excellent.

Although our main focus is now directed toward our website and online shopping, we do also inhabit a “real” retail shop, which is located in the picturesque village of Ledston, on the outskirts of Leeds in West Yorkshire. If you wish to make a pilgrimage to our humble abode you will find a very concise and focussed range of quality wines, champagne, spirits and malt whiskies for sale by the bottle. This is a carefully selected range of quality wines that you perhaps would not encounter on the shelves of your regular high street store, so well worth a visit if you are planning a special occasion dinner, event or want that special gift for someone.

Whilst 'boutique' in many senses of the word, our little oasis of a shop also provides a handy staging post for those customers who wish to access some truly fine wines at great prices by utilising our collect in person facility available at checkout on the website. We process these orders within 5 working days and notify you when your order is ready to collect in store at a more convenient time.

Thanks for taking the time to visit and if we haven’t already met, I hope to do so, either in store or in the wider reaches of the world-wide-web.



PS: Should the need arise you can get in touch with me directly via email >>> Andy at Hic!