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Hic! Wine Shop in Ledston, Nr Castleford

Welcome to the website of Hic!

We are an independent wine retailer that endeavours to promote interesting and well-made wines from some of the world’s finest artisan wineries. Many of the winemakers we champion are small independent family-owned producers with great personalities and who are passionate about producing authentic, individual and unique wines, each with the capacity to tell a story…one of terroir, region, of vintage and ultimately a sense of place.

Our independence and expertise, built over 20 years in the wine trade, ensures that we are able to offer you the very best collection of well-priced, handpicked wines, alongside a bespoke personal service and the very highest customer service possible.

Our speciality lies in retailing award winning wines that are usually reserved exclusively for the UK’s finest luxury hotels and award winning 'Michelin' starred restaurants. Many of these exclusive wines are also available onboard the leading luxury cruise ships and in addition reserved for business and first class passengers on a number of the premier airline operators.

A number of our customers are surprised to learn that the wines they have enjoyed on their vacations, at special events, or on fine dinning excursions are available to buy from Hic! for consumption in the comfort of their own home and at great prices too.

My name is Andy Saxon, proprietor of Hic! and for over twenty years I have been purveying an eclectic range of specialist soporific sauces to enthusiastic, like-minded, drinkers across the British Isles.

Spending my formative years in the hospitality industry and working in some of the country’s most prestigious establishments I quickly began to recognise the growing popularity of wine consumption at home and more importantly realised that there was a growing number of discerning wine enthusiasts seeking genuine variety and originality in their wine selection.

Consequently, I opened my first wine shop in Boroughbridge in the 1990’s with a desire to supply an ever increasing knowledgeable client base with wines of a true artisan nature, individual and unique in style and at the best possible price!

Although our focus is directed toward online wine sales, I also inhabit a 'real' retail shop which is located in the picturesque village of Ledston, on the outskirts of Leeds, West Yorkshire. If you wish to make a pilgrimage to our humble abode you will find a very concise and focussed range of quality wines, champagne, spirits and malt whiskies for sale by the bottle. This is a carefully selected range of quality wines that you perhaps would not encounter on the shelves of your regular high street store.

Whilst 'boutique' in many senses of the word, our little oasis of a shop also provides a handy staging post for those customers who wish to access some truly fine wines at great prices by utilising email (or our website), to order and then collect in store at a more convenient time.

Our independence is great, as it allows me to work individually with many of the UK's leading specialist wine importer's, buying directly and collating the best wines from around the world and presenting them to you for sale in one place and for your enjoyment at the best possible price.

Many of the producers I champion are small independent family-owned wineries with great personalities and stories to tell. The passion for the wine which they produce, the way in which they farm the land, value the environment, their vinification practises, sustainability and respect for traditions all weigh heavily in my selection criteria and I am proud to support them through our website and in our shop.

Finally, I must stress that customer service and satisfaction lies at the heart of my business. Thankfully, being independent allows me to offer you a bespoke, individual and high quality personal service to be expected from a small family business, so if I can be of any assistance please do not hesitate to contact me directly and I will be only too happy to assist.

Thanks for taking the time to visit and I hope you enjoy the website!