Champagne Krug | Reims

Krug Bespoke Rolls Royce in Vineyards

Joseph Krug wanted to offer his clients the ultimate pleasure experience in Champagne every year, regardless of the vintage. His philosophy was to select grapes from individual plots which will each express their distinctive features, their nuances and their uniqueness. Krug wines show the character and the contrast between the grapes from different plots. Their Krug Grande Cuvée is the archetype of Krug’s philosophy of craftsmanship. A blend of around 120 wines from ten or more different vintages, some of which may reach 15 years of age. It is this blending so many vintages that gives Krug Grande Cuvée its unique fullness of flavours and aromas, its incredible generosity and its absolute elegance - something impossible to express with the wines of just a single year.