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There is a growing trend and interest in the aromatic and bitter cocktails of years gone by and as such the demand for amaros and vermouths is definitely on the increase. Not only are bartenders offering more bitter apéritifs but they are also reviving long-dead labels and recreating recipes aplenty.  Aperitifs are clean, crisp drinks that act as a stimulant for the appetite and the palate.

Liqueur producers are finally responding to new taste demands and bringing more unusual flavours to the consumer. This alongside a keen interest in enhancing long standing traditional brands with premium releases and the revival of some products popular in a bygone era makes for interesting times ahead.

Here at Hic! we offer a wide range of interesting Liqueurs, Vermouths, Aperitif's, Bitters and Sirops (all for sale by the bottle) that will add great variety to any drinks cabinet.

On Sale

Chase Blackcurrant Liqueur - 50cl | 20% ABV

The Chase Distillery Blackcurrant Liqueur captures the rich flavours of carefully selected blackcurrants,... Read More...

Poli Miele Acacia Honey Liqueur - 50cl | 35% ABV

A Grappa based honey liqueur produced with pure Acacia flower honey... Read More...

The Japanese Bitters Yuzu

A concentrate of bitter citrus fruits that land somewhere between grapefruit and lime... Read More...

The Japanese Bitters Shiso

Mint-like with a faint aroma of cinnamon...

The Japanese Bitters Umami

A wonderful Japanese Bitters that perfectly captures the elusive 'fifth taste'... Read More...

Mancino Rosso Amaranto Vermouth

A Rosso Amaranto Vermouth infused with 38 botanicals perfect for a Negroni or Manhattan... Read More...

Mancino Bianco Ambrato Vermouth

Mancino's Bianco Ambrato is the perfect vermouth for a Vesper... Read More...

Mancino Secco Vermouth

Clear and super dry perfect for the best Gin Martini... Read More...

Poli Airone Aperitivo Rosso - 70cl | 17% ABV

Italian aperitif infusing spices and aromatic herbs in grappa and vermouth... Read More...

Clase Azul La Pinta - 70cl | 19% ABV

La Pinta is a unique Pomegranate & Tequila liqueur perfect for modern day cocktails... Read More...

Mancino Vermouth Chinato

The Mancino Chinato is a new level of Vermouth combining the three Mancino... Read More...

Tempus Fugit Crème de Cacao à la Vanille - 70cl | 24% ABV

The Tempus Fugit Spirits Crème de Cacao is based on a 19th-century recipe,... Read More...

Tempus Fugit Liqueur de Violettes - 70cl | 22% ABV

The Liqueur de Violettes is a unique and rare liqueur based on a... Read More...

Berry Bros. & Rudd Coffee Liqueur - 70cl | 35% ABV

The Berry Bros. & Rudd Coffee Liqueur is produced in partnership with Thames... Read More...

Vieux Pontarlier Absinthe - 70cl | 65% ABV

Vieux Pontarlier is craft-distilled in Pontarlier, France, the historic "Capital of Absinthe." Select... Read More...

The King's Ginger Liqueur - 50cl | 41% ABV

The King's Ginger was specifically formulated by Berry Bros. & Rudd in 1903... Read More...

Tosolini Exprè Espresso Coffee Liqueur - 70cl | 28% ABV

The superb Exprè Espresso Coffee Liqueur is from the very highly-regarded Italian master... Read More...

Tosolini Amaretto Veneziano Salizá - 70cl | 28% ABV

Tosolini's Amaretto Veneziano Salizá is one of the finest traditional Italian amaretto's made... Read More...

Chase Elderflower Liqueur - 50cl | 20% ABV

The Chase Elderflower Liqueur is the perfect partner to Champagne or Sparkling wine.... Read More...

Chase Raspberry Liqueur - 50cl | 20% ABV

The Chase Raspberry Liqueur is perfectly blended with Chases' own naturally sweet English... Read More...

Peter F. Heering The Original Cherry Liqueur - 70cl | 24% ABV

Peter F. Heering The Original Cherry Liqueur is made to a traditional recipe... Read More...