Wine By Grape Variety | Syrah / Shiraz

Organic vines in Vineyard with crop cover

The name Syrah is derived from Shiraz (the grape name adopted by Australia) and is a black grape variety that makes dark, spicy red wines in many countries. The wines from this grape variety can generally be categorised into two basic styles: the classical French style (often referred to as northern European) with its cracked black peppercorn fruit; or the bigger, brasher and distinctively oaky new-world styles as epitomised by the Barossa Shiraz.

Syrah is an important grape variety in the production of Rhône Valley wines particularly those in the north such as St. Joseph, Cornas or Hermitage. It also performs very well in the South of France where in the Languedoc Roussillon region it has great success.

In Australia, where it is known as Shiraz, the Barossa valley is happy hunting grounds for first class examples, however, do not discount some of the cooler climate examples to be found in Victoria and beyond.