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Wine Tasting at Hic!

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Visiting our store in Ledston provides you with the opportunity to try a range of wines from our Enomatic Wine Tasting Machine.

If you're unfamiliar with these machines, think of it like a vending machine… for wine!

Our Enomatic Tasting Machine holds 8 bottles and is programmed to serve specific varieties of wine at their optimum temperature: an ambient room temperature for reds and a gentle chill for whites and rosé, allowing all of our wines to express their flavours fully. The Enomatic helps preserve wine even after the bottle has been opened, meaning that we are able to offer more unusual and premium examples from our range giving you the opportunity to try wines that you wouldn’t normally think of buying!

Each month we fill the machine with 8 different wines that either follow a theme, a wine council promotional event, or simply because we feel they have to be tried! The wines are available to taste anytime during the days we are open and you can try all of them in a flight of eight 50ml serves, alongside light nibbles, for a set price per head.

Additionally, we have our unique Hic! By The Glass Cards. The card is free, our gift to you, and works on a pre-paid credit system. Simply load as much money as you would like to spend onto your card, and that credit is all yours to spend on sampling wines from our Enomatic machine. Once you have added funds to your card simply insert it into the machine, grab a glass and choose your measure.

On the machine’s touch screens will be displayed the option of serving yourself a glass in 3 sizes: a 50ml taster, a 125ml small glass and a 175ml large glass. Run out of credit? Just load it up again and you’re good to go!


Pinks for Perennial Pouring...Drink Pink All Year Round!

This month at Hic! we're showcasing a selection of Rosé wines. No longer is pink wine the preserve of summer - and it’s just as well, given how unreliable our weather has become. Thanks to the dramatic success of Côtes de Provence Rosé, pale and delicate is now the dominant style of rosé produced worldwide. Even regions that traditionally produce deeper-coloured, more robust wines (Chile, Rioja and Sardinia for example) have chosen to produce lighter, crisper styles. With International Rosé Day taking place on Saturday 11th June we have decided this month to offer a selection of our favourite stylish pinks for you to try

 Booking is highly recommended!

Try all 8 wines for £25.00 per head including light nibbles.



Domaine Arnaud & Stéphanie Dezat Sancerre Rosé 2021

From £20.00 - per bottle
An exquisite Sancerre Rosé that takes rarity to a whole new level... Read More...

Simpsons Wine Estate Railway Hill Rosé 2021

From £19.00 - per bottle
A beautiful Provencal-style English rosé that captures the very essence of summer... Read More...

Ca' dei Frati Rosa dei Frati 2021

From £20.00 - per bottle
A fabulous rosé that brings to mind summer on the shores of Lake Garda... Read More...

T-Oinos Mavrosé 2020

From £20.00 - per bottle
A brilliant, mouthwateringly fresh rosé from Greece...

Nervi Conterno Il Rosato 2021

From £24.00 - per bottle
A wonderfully zesty, strawberry and damson-flavoured Rosato made from the Nebbiolo grape... Read More...

Massaya Rosé 2020

From £17.50 - per bottle
A delightfully delicate, fragrant Lebanese rosé made in a crisp Provençal style... Read More...

Birichino Vin Gris Rosé 2020

From £21.00 - per bottle
Close your eyes & dream - the azure waters of the Mediterranean & aromas of Provence ... Read More...

Château Minuty 281 Rosé 2020

From £55.00 - per bottle
281 is the Pantone number for the Royal Blue cascading down the bottle... Read More...