Wine Tasting Events at Hic!

Enomatic Wine Tasting Machine Logo

Visiting our store in Ledston provides you with the opportunity to partake in our wine tasting experiences with a selection of wines on offer from our Enomatic Wine Tasting Machine.

If you're unfamiliar with these machines, think of it like a vending machine… for wine!

Our Enomatic Tasting Machine holds 8 bottles and is programmed to serve specific varieties of wine at their optimum temperature: an ambient room temperature for reds and a gentle chill for whites and rosé, allowing all of our wines to express their flavours fully. The Enomatic helps preserve wine even after the bottle has been opened, meaning that we are able to offer more unusual and premium examples from our range giving you the opportunity to try wines that you wouldn’t normally think of buying!

Each month we fill the machine with 8 different wines that either follow a theme, a wine council promotional event, or simply because we feel they have to be tried! The wines are available to taste anytime during the days we are open and you can try all of them in a flight of eight 50ml serves, alongside light nibbles, for a set price per head.

If you think this may be something of interest our 2023 wine tasting event line-up is as follows:

February: Y Viva España - Our Spanish fiesta for the month of February features 4 whites and 4 red wines from across this famous wine producing country. £30 per head including light nibbles.

March: Women with Bottle! - March 8th 2023 is International Women's Day and to celebrate, for the month of March, Hic! will be showcasing a selection of great bottles from wine estates with women in the leading roles. 4 Whites & 4 Reds £30 per head including light nibbles.

April: California Dreamin - We're hopping over the pond to the West coast of the USA and exploring some of what California has to offer for the adventurous wine drinking enthusiast. 4 Whites & 4 Reds £30 per head including light nibbles.

May: Antipodean Adventures - A selection of our favourites wines from down-under, spanning both Australia & New Zealand. 4 Whites & 4 Reds £30 per head including light nibbles.

June: Perennial Pinks - With summer getting into full-swing (fingers crossed) we're focussing soley on Rosé wines for the month of June. Eight great expressions from across the globe perfect for all year round pouring! £30 per head including light nibbles.

July: 31 Days of Riesling - Working on the principle that it takes 30 days to form a habit, 31 days of July is the perfect opportunity to fall in love with the wine trade's favourite white grape variety. This year we're showcasing 8 fabulous expressions from across the globe. £30 per head including light nibbles.

August: Il Bel Paese - 4 fantastic whites and 4 equally superb reds from the beautiful country that is Italy. Eight indigenous grape varieties that showcase what this fabulous wine producing nation has to offer. £30 per head including light nibbles.

September: Strictly Francophiles - If you love French wine then this tasting is perfect for you! A quick meander through France introducing some of our favourite red and white wines of the moment. 4 Whites & 4 Reds £30 per head including light nibbles.

October: Wines of Rioja - October is perennially Rioja Wine Month here at Hic! and this year we are showcasing both white and red Rioja. 4 Whites & 4 Reds £30 per head including light nibbles.

November & December: Xmas Crackers - This is a special tasting line-up featuring some of our favourite recommendations for the festive season. Starting off with an aperitif we will then showcase 4 whites and 4 reds all perfectly suited to the various feasts of xmas. We then finish with a super fortified offering to round the tasting off. £40 per person including light nibbles.




For the month of March Hic! is celebrating Women in Wine. With International Women's Day on Wednesday 8th March and then Mother's Day on Sunday 19th March, there is no better opportunity to showcase a selection of great bottles from wine estates with women in the leading roles.