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Assorted Bottles of Brandy including Cognac, Armagnac and Calvados

Brandy is the term used for a wide range of distilled spirits that are made from virtually any fermented fruit or starchy vegetable. The best-known brandies are distilled from grapes and the term covers a wide range of products including Cognac, Armagnac, Grappa, Eau-de-Vie, and Calvados

To make brandy, a mash of grapes or other suitable sugary or starchy produce is allowed to ferment, converting the natural sugars into alcohol and thus forming a sort of wine. This is then distilled to make a stronger spirit, which will retain some of the flavour characteristics of the original material.

Generally, any region that has an abundance of fruit some form of brandy will be produced from it. Calvados is apple brandy from Normandy, Slivovitz is plum brandy popular in central and eastern Europe, whilst Marc, as in marc de Bourgogne, is a brandy made by further fermenting the skins from grapes after they have been pressed to make wine.

If a beverage comes from a particular fruit (or multiple fruits) other than exclusively grapes, it may be referred to as a "fruit brandy" or "fruit spirit" or named using the specific fruit, such as "cherry brandy", rather than just generically as "brandy". These products are also called eau de vie (which translates to "water of life"). Eau-de-vie is a clear, colourless brandy generally made from a single fruit, such as pear (Poire William is a common example), raspberry (Framboise) or other soft or orchard fruits.

Brandy generally contains 35 - 60% alcohol by volume and is typically drunk as an after-dinner digestif. Some brandies are aged in wooden casks, others are coloured with caramel colouring to imitate the effect of ageing and some are produced using a combination of both ageing and colouring.

Cognac is a distinct type of brandy with a protected name, made exclusively from grapes grown in the Cognac area of France. Armagnac is another superior type of brandy, made in that geographical area of France.



Sandeman Imperial Brandy de Jerez Solera

Sandeman Imperial marry's the rich flavours of Sherry with the finesse of a fine Brandy... Read More...

Seven Tails XO French Brandy

A unique elixir blended from Cognac, Armagnac & French Brandy aged between 3-30 years... Read More...

Roger Groult Calvados Pays d'Auge Réserve 3 Year Old

World's Best Calvados in 2016, this 3 Year Old expression is very smooth and sweet... Read More...

Cognac ABK6 VS Pure Single | 40% ABV

Multi-award winning Cognac from Domaines Abécassis...

Mousquetaire du Roy 5 Year Old VSOP Bas-Armagnac

A VSOP Armagnac specially selected and blended by master distiller Marc Darroze... Read More...

GAJA Grappa Rossj Bass - 50cl | 42% ABV

It’s the fabled Chardonnay grapes which give this Grappa it’s full and fruity character... Read More...

Antinori Grappa Tignanello

A refined and aromatic grappa produced with grapes from the Tignanello vineyard... Read More...

GAJA Grappa di Barbaresco - 50cl | 42% ABV

Made with Nebbiolo from the GAJA family vineyards. Warm spicy notes and long finish... Read More...

GAJA Grappa di Brunello di Montalcino Rennina - 50cl | 45% ABV

Made from the Sangiovese grape sourced from the beautiful Pieve Santa Restituta Estate in Tuscany... Read More...

GAJA Ca' Marcanda Grappa Magari - 50cl | 45% ABV

Made from the pomace of the seductive Magari produced at Ca' Marcanda in Bolgheri... Read More...

Les Vergers de la Morinière Calvados Pays d'Auge 2002

Single vintage Calvados of sublime quality from the famous Hubert family... Read More...

ABK6 VSOP Superior Single Estate Cognac (Gift Boxed)

Voted Best VSOP at the World Cognac Awards...

Cognac Tesseron Composition

The Cognac Tesseron Composition is a new addition to the house line-up and... Read More...

GAJA Grappa Sperss - 50cl | 45% ABV

Aged in barrel to add texture and give the distinctive warm caramel hue.. Read More...

Sánchez Romate Cardenal Mendoza Solera Gran Reserva Brandy de Jerez

An exceptional Brandy de Jerez, aged for an average of 15 years in sherry casks... Read More...

Mousquetaire du Roy 10 Year Old XO Bas-Armagnac

An intense and complex XO Armagnac expertly blended by Marc Darroze... Read More...

Romano Levi Grappa di Barolo - 70cl | 42% ABV

A unique Grappa di Barolo with a peerless, intense taste... Read More...

Château Laubade XO Bas Armagnac

Award winning XO Bas Armagnac that has a savoury roundness & seductive complexity... Read More...

Cognac Tesseron Lot 90 XO Ovation

Tesseron's Lot 90 XO Ovation owes its freshness and purity to the vivacity... Read More...

Roger Groult Calvados Pays d'Auge Vénérable Hors d'Age

Contact us for price
Aged for a minimum of 18 years and voted World's Best Calvados in 2019... Read More...

Grappa di Barili di Sassicaia

A full-bodied, structured and majestic Grappa...

Cognac ABK6 XO Family Reserve

The ABK6 XO Family Reserve is an exceptional single estate Cognac that has... Read More...

Jane Lemorton 15 Year Old Vieux Calvados Domfrontais

A fine & elegant Calvados with high pear content from the Domfrontais appellation... Read More...

Cognac Tesseron Lot 76 XO Tradition

The Tesseron Cognac Lot 76 XO Tradition is an exceptional blend of the... Read More...

Cognac Tesseron XO Passion

The Cognac Tesseron XO Passion is the result of family know-how, secrets and... Read More...

Cognac Tesseron Lot 53 XO Perfection

The Cognac Tesseron Lot 53 XO Perfection is an assembly of the domaines... Read More...

Cognac Tesseron Extra Legende

The Cognac Tesseron Extra Legende forms part of the house Signature Collection and... Read More...

Cognac Tesseron Lot 29 XO Exception

The Cognac Tesseron Lot 29 XO Exception is a fine and rare expression... Read More...

Cognac Tesseron Extreme Rare

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The Cognac Tesseron Extreme Rare is a unique blend of Cognacs coming from... Read More...