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Dark Rum, Rhum Golden and White Rum & Cachaca

With so many Rum's to experience - from clean, light and white Rum, through to rich, perfumed and dark Rum, complex and aged styles - there is almost certainly a style of rum to suit any palate. Long been heralded as the 'new' vodka for it's sheer drinkability and versatility, rum is now playing a significant role in any drinks line-up and should be seriously considered as a must stock bottle in the drinks cupboard! In value-for-money terms a sipping rum offers an outstanding experience and the very best rum bottling's are far more accessible than their whisky or Cognac equivalents.



Ron de Jeremy Reserva Rum - 70cl | 40% ABV

The exceptionally well-balanced and smooth Ron de Jeremy Reserva Rum is a proprietary... Read More...

Penny Blue VSOP Mauritian Rum - 70cl | 40% ABV

Penny Blue rums are famed for their smooth, fruity complexity and as a... Read More...

Banditti Club Glasgow Spiced Rum - 50cl | 44% ABV

A wonderfully smooth and rich spiced rum of exceptional quality, balance and distinction... Read More...

Finders Chocolate & Coffee Oak Aged Spiced Rum

Finders Spirits are to be found at the Sloemotion Distillery in Barton-le-Willows, near... Read More...
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Don Q Gran Añejo Rum - Gift Boxed

The Don Q Gran Añejo Rum is a Puerto Rican rum produced at... Read More...

Foursquare Distillery Barbados Spiced Rum

A combination of Barbados rum & rare island spices from the iconic Foursquare distillery... Read More...

The Real McCoy 12 Year Old Barbados Rum

Exceptionally smooth, multi-award winning 12 YO Barbados Rum that rivals a fine whisky... Read More...

The Real McCoy 5 Year Old Barbados Rum

Soft & balanced with hints of vanilla, caramel, honey & Bourbon aged wood... Read More...

MEZAN Panama 2006 Vintage Rum (Gift Boxed)

Unsweetened, uncoloured and only lightly filtered this is vintage untouched rum from Panama... Read More...

MEZAN Jamaica XO Rum (Gift Boxed)

Typical of great Jamaican rums, this XO offers aromas of fresh banana and sweet spices... Read More...

The Duppy Share Golden Rum

‘Duppies’ are dark Caribbean spirits or ghosts, originating from Jamaica. They are believed... Read More...

Spice Hunter Boldest Spiced Mauritian Rum - 70cl | 38% ABV

Spice Hunter Boldest Spiced Mauritian Rum takes its inspiration from the legendary botanist... Read More...