Wine By Grape Variety | Sauvignon Blanc

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Sauvignon Blanc is a major white grape variety that is planted widely in Bordeaux, the Loire Valley and the New World, particularly New Zealand. If planted in cool regions on poor soils it has the classic green herbaceous flavours often reminiscent of gooseberries, green peppers, grass, passion fruit or elderflower. These wines are very dry and mouth watering with fresh fruity acidity. In warmer regions, the grape can fail to develop much aromatic character and often presents just hints of peach.

Oak is sometimes used to give the wines more body, a practice particularly popular in the United States, where the oak aged wines are frequently labelled as Fumé Blanc. These styles are now becoming common-place in New Zealand too.

Most Sauvignon Blancs’ are best consumed while young and fruity, yet those that simply do not fade can develop vegetal aromas of asparagus and peas as they age.

The classic regions for Sauvignon Blanc production include: Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé from the Central Vineyards of the Loire Valley in France, Marlborough in New Zealand as well as fine examples from South Africa, Chile and Bordeaux.