Grande Marque Champagne

Grandes Marques Champagne Cellars

The Champagne region’s most prestigious Houses are the Grandes Marques - literally the 'big brands' - and members of the "Union des Maisons de Champagne" (UMC). Each producer has its own style, personified by their non-vintage cuvée, blended from bought-in grapes from selected vineyards that contribute to the style of the house. Champagne wines owe their prestige and worldwide renown to the talent and expertise of these Champagne Houses who are fiercely committed to protecting their appellation. Originally founded in 1882 and known then as the Syndicat du Commerce des Vins de Champagne, the UMC prosecuted anyone who misused the name ‘Champagne’, whether in France or abroad, and it invariably won its case. The name ‘Champagne’ might have otherwise become the generic term for all sparkling wines.