Viña Mar | Casablanca, Chile

Viñamar Winery and Vineyards in Chile's Casablanca Valley

Viña Mar is a boutique winery based in Chile’s cool Casablanca Valley and is the sister property to the revered Isla de Maipo and Viña Tarapacá wineries. Viña Mar’s young winemaker Mauricio Garrido is one of the fastest-rising stars in the Chilean winemaking scene, a specialist in ‘cooler climate’ styles and adept at teasing the delicate, pristine flavours from varieties like Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir.

Viña Mar’s vineyards are situated in several high-quality sites close to the Pacific, whose ocean breezes and rolling mists cool the vines in the scorching Chilean summer, allowing the grapes to ripen slowly and gently. These are ideal conditions for the intense yet delicate flavours and lovely fresh acidities that characterise Viña Mar’s wines and have made Casablanca’s name in the international wine world.

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