Anselmi | Monteforte

Anselmi Cellars in Monteforte

The Anselmi winery was founded in 1948 by Roberto Anselmi's father. A native of the area, Roberto Anselmi felt an emotional as well as professional commitment to tapping the previously unrealised potential of the wine he grew up with. 

This has entailed a significant parting of ways with traditional vineyard and winemaking practices that have historically characterised the Soave district, and given birth to a new generation of north Italian white wines of unprecedented quality, character and finesse.

The winery itself is situated in Monteforte, a small village at the foot of the hills. The property extends to 70 hectares situated on the highest slopes of the hills between Monteforte and Soave and the principal grape variety is Garganega.

The vines are guyot trained or spurred cordons with each vine only producing 3 or 4 bunches, which is much less than the ordinary production in the Soave region. Limiting production has enabled Anselmi to be more selective in the vineyards, cutting yields and discarding all but the finest fruit to achieve an intensity of flavour, fruit and bouquet rarely, if ever, encountered in the wines of Soave.

Something of a maverick Anselmi made headlines in 2000 with a personal declaration of independence, choosing to withdraw his wines from the auspices of the Soave DOC and instead simply label his wines Veneto IGT.  Anselmi believed that the regions new wine making laws only served to undermine production of high quality wines.

Anselmi's white wines are superb examples of what can be achieved with the Garaganega grape and what good Soave aims to be.