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Wine By Grape Variety | Primitivo

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Primitivo is a red wine grape variety and one of Southern Italy's most widely planted varieties. It's origins date back to the 18th century and to the Dalmatian Coast, from where it was brought to Puglia.

Recent research has revealed that its kin have also been shipped to California from Croatia where it has been renamed as Zinfandel. Both varieties show a propensity towards high sugar/alcohol content and wild berry fruit characters. The Primitivo grape is now focused around Puglia and Campania in southern Italy.


Cantele Primitivo del Salento 2017

From £11.00 - per bottle
Cantele’s award-winning Primitivo was among the first to find its way across the English Channel... Read More...

San Marzano Tramari Primitivo Rosé 2019

From £11.75 - per bottle
A pale, creamy and tangy rosé made from the Primitivo grape... Read More...

Tormaresca Nèprica Primitivo 2017

From £12.75 - per bottle
The Nèprica Primitivo is a relatively new addition to the Tormaresca portfolio and... Read More...

San Marzano 'Talo' Primitivo di Manduria 2018

From £14.75 - per bottle
A rich and opulent wine that truly packs a punch of flavour... Read More...

Cantele Amativo Salento IGT 2015

From £18.95 - per bottle
Amativo is one of Cantele's most critically acclaimed projects, a red wine blend... Read More...

San Marzano Collezione Cinquanta Vino Rosso d'Italia NV

From £21.00 - per bottle
The San Marzano Collezione Cinquanta Vino Rosso d'Italia NV is a red wine... Read More...

San Marzano 'Anniversario 62' Primitivo di Manduria Riserva 2016

From £25.00 - per bottle
The San Marzano 'Anniversario 62' Primitivo di Manduria Riserva is made from 100%... Read More...
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