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With Syrian tanks, Israeli fighter jets, Hezbollah and numerous other militia ploughing through your vineyard it’s a wonder any wine is made here at all, let alone wine whose quality can shine on the world stage with the best of them; yet it does! Despite all the hostilities life in the vineyards has continued and it is testimony to the resilience of these producers that an amazing number of small, hopeful and quality-minded wineries are now establishing roots, primarily in the Bekaa Valley. Here grapes are grown at a cool climate height of 1000 metres, receiving no fewer than 300 days of sunshine per year and no rain during harvest. Although the vast amount of wine comes from the Bekaa Valley there has been an emergence of new wineries spreading north and west toward a more Mediterranean influenced climate.


Château Oumsiyat Cuvée Membliarus Assyrtico 2020

From £11.75 - per bottle
A wonderful Lebanese expression of the increasingly fashionable Assyrtico grape... Read More...

Château Ksara Réserve du Couvent 2019

From £14.00 - per bottle
Taking inspiration from the Rhône & Bordeaux this Lebanese red is ready-to-drink now... Read More...

Massaya Cap Est 2017

From £34.00 - per bottle
A rare jewel that delivers both authenticity and style to rival the best in the world... Read More...

Massaya Terrasses de Baalbeck 2015

From £25.00 - per bottle
A Rhône style blend from vineyards overlooking Baalbeck & the Roman Temple of Bacchus... Read More...

Massaya Rosé 2020

From £17.50 - per bottle
A delightfully delicate, fragrant Lebanese rosé made in a crisp Provençal style... Read More...