Balthasar Ress | Rheingau

The Balthasar Ress Riesling Bulli in the Vineyards

Almost 150 years after its foundation, Balthasar Ress is still wholly owned by the Ress family. Stefan and Christian Ress are the fourth and fifth generation owners and since 2010, Christian has been responsible for the management of the company. When he took over he set the goal of leading Balthasar Ress into the elite of Rheingau estates and installed Dirk Würtz in the position of responsibility for winemaking and viticulture. Since then, the estate has been completely restructured. In 2014, Oliver Schmid joined Dirk as vineyard manager and then in 2018 took over from him ensuring that Balthasar Ress remain what they stand for today: Uncompromising quality and respect for nature. The estate is located in the Rheingau, a fortuitous geographical quirk; on the Rhine’s journey through Germany, it takes a turn at Wiesbaden, running west for just sixteen miles before heading north again to the sea. This kink in the river gives a strip of perfectly exposed south-facing vineyard land in one of Germany’s sunniest, driest regions. Although founded in 1870, Balthasar Ress still produces the original house wine, ‘Von Unserm’, literally ‘from us’, as well as many superb single-vineyard expressions.