Bashall Spirits | Forest of Bowland

Bashall Spirits Handwritten Victorian Marmalade Recipe

Based in the idyllic village of Bashall Eaves in Lancashire’s Ribble Valley, Bashall Spirits has created a contemporary range of craft gins inspired by family recipe books that date back to the 1700s. Using these treasured hand-written Victorian and Georgian transcripts the family have been able to gain an insight into how people cooked and ate over the last 200 years and have identified recipe ideas and flavours for their gin range, utilising fruits and spices such as elderberry, quince and caraway, which grow in abundance locally, yet are not widely used in modern-day distilling. 

At the heart of the Bashall Spirits range is their own unique juniper-led London Dry Gin - which takes its botanical cues from the Forest of Bowland and the protected woodland surrounding the village - alongside three uniquely flavoured full-strength gins. The flavoured gins - Orange & Quince Gin, Damson & Elderberry Gin and Parkin Cake Gin - are a celebration of the recipes which have been handed down through the Worsley-Taylor family for generations. The golden hued Parkin Cake Gin is based on a Victorian-era family recipe for the traditional Lancashire bake, and is rich with treacle and ginger. Traditional marmalade recipes inspired the zesty Orange & Quince Gin, while the Damson & Elderberry Gin is a homage to the many orchard and fruit wine recipes found in the antique recipe books. The gins are all crafted by an award-winning partner distiller based in Arbroath, Scotland.