Bergsig Estate | Breedekloof

Bergsig Estate in Breedekloof Wine Valley, South Africa

Appropriately named Bergsig, meaning “Mountain View “, the estate is nestled on the slopes where the towering Drakenstein and Hex River Mountains meet. This family farm was established in 1843, and is one of only a few wine estates in the Breedekloof district.

Owned and run by the Lategan family, De Wet Lategan is the sixth generation winemaker. Situated at the northern entrance of the Bainskloof pass, this very old and traditional wine estate is proud not only of the superior wines that are born and matured here, but also the symbiotic relationship the family has with the fauna and flora.

Besides breathtaking scenery, the farms position also provides unique climatic conditions, being situated where the Breedekloof valley narrows. This funnel effect creates cooling winds in summer and sufficient rainfall, coupled with access to mountain hillsides for vineyard planting, all ingredients are in place for producing top quality wines. And the recipe is a success, as reflected by the impressive tally of over 100 awards, trophies and medals received at both local and international wine shows.