Bertani | The Veneto, Italy

Corvina grapes drying in Bertani Cellar

Bertani was first established in 1857, and is today still owned by the same family and can boast more than a century and a half of unbroken tradition in the wines of Valpolicella. 

Bertani are based in a majestic renaissance villa and nurture one of the largest libraries of amazing old vintages in the region; there is even a cache of 1928 “Acinatico” which had been hidden behind a brick wall from the German occupiers and not rediscovered until 1984.

However, Bertani is not just history and rows of large, old Slavonian oak vats. The company has continuously been at the forefront of innovation. With Secco-Bertani, it was the first to produce a halfway house between Valpolicella and dried-grape wine, and in 1959 it was the first to bottle and market dry Amarone rather than sweet Recioto. The most recent wave of modernization has seen a fundamental transformation in the cellars, with the creation of a fruit-forward style and the adoption of smaller oak barrels.

The company vineyard holdings now comprise 200 hectares in the classic areas of Valpolicella, Valpantena, Soave and Lake Garda. Amarone Classico is the icon wine of Bertani; however, with the Villa Novare Valpolicella Ognisanti, Bertani posses the first straight Valpolicella to be awarded the Gambero Rosso’s Three Glasses award.