Bodega Los Toneles | Mendoza

Bodega Los Toneles Vineyards in Mendoza

Bodega Los Toneles is a meticulously restored winery located close to the city of Mendoza. The restoration of the winery was so faithful to its original 1920s architecture that it has been declared a Cultural Heritage site of Mendoza. Founded in 1922 by the Armando family, the winery was initially called Armando Hermanos, but later its popularity arose under the name Bodega de los Toneles (Winery of the Tuns), due to the visual impact made by the huge French oak barrels where its precious wines were aged. In 2002, the winery was purchased by the Millán family who have invested significantly to return the estate to its former glory. Bodega Toneles combines the best aspects of traditional techniques, such as hand harvesting the grapes at the moment of optimal ripeness, with the very latest technology and equipment at the winery.