Bodegas y Viñedos Alnardo | Ribera del Duero

Dominio de Pingus Barrels

Psi is the brainchild of Peter Sisseck, founder of Dominio de Pingus. The project is organised and run by winemaker Pablo Rubio and the idea is to utilise some neglected, but potentially great old assets of the Ribera del Duero - human and vinous!

It is an assemblage of authentic Tinto Finos, recovered from co-op production and re-imagined. These are the old bush-vine holdings of the senior citizens of Ribera del Duero (old peasant guys primarily), who have been growing fruit to sell off for decades. In the main, despite the great age and quality of the vineyards the resultant grapes and commercially realised wines have been somewhat uninspiring. However, in conjunction with Pablo Rubio (winemaker for Peter at Dominio de Pingus and Quinta Sardonia), Peter has re-fashioned the viticulture of these old vines, and rejuvenated the senior citizens relationship with their beloved gnarled old plots.

These old, low-cropped vines of Tinto Fino have never seen chemicals. They are carefully handled and under-made in large old wood and raw concrete. The idea is to render concentrated old-vine fruit in as delicate and poetic register as possible.

Alnardo is a lovely tract of land near Peter’s home, and is a mere namesake of the project, not its location, whilst PSI is the 23rd letter of the Greek Alphabet (and also the initials P and Si of the maker, Señor Sisseck).