Breaky Bottom | East Sussex

Sheep roaming in the Breaky Bottom pastures

The tiny, legendary estate of Breaky Bottom is hidden away in a secluded dry chalk valley in the South Downs of East Sussex, just two miles from the English Channel. The name is both local (the word Bottom is common Sussex vernacular denoting a dry chalk valley) and historical (Breaky Bottom) was mentioned in the Domesday book.

Founder Peter Hall discovered the run-down farm in the 1970s and spotted its viticultural potential immediately, first making still wines (highly acclaimed), then turning to traditional method sparkling wines from the champagne varieties as well as the hybrid Seyval Blanc, first planted here in 1974.

Today, the estate produces traditional method sparkling wines of exceptional quality and character, thanks to its unique terroir, kid-glove vineyard husbandry and careful winemaking. The wines spend up to seven years ageing on their lees, developing their renowned textural finesse and myriad complex flavours. All wines made are of a single vintage, producing just two cuvées a year, each of which is dedicated to someone of special importance to Peter.