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Daffy's Small Batch Premium Gin - 70cl | 43.4% ABV

Daffy's Gin is multiple award-winning gin like no other, created from the finest grain spirit, distilled in an ancient copper pot whisky still, with Lebanese mint and the finest botanicals. Bottled with Scottish water to create a gin that is classic, complex, perfectly balanced and fresh.

The quest at Daffy's was and is, to make the world's best London Dry Gin - not a sweetened or heavily flavoured gin but a London Dry Gin so good that you can enjoy it straight. Daffy's uses a 'slow cook' distillation process, distilling for 9.5 hours instead of what would normally be around 4 hours. This, as with slow cooking food, allows them to keep great depth of flavour and finesse with none of the harshness or burn.

Full of character, this enticing gin has refreshing aromatics of citrus and spice with a subtle hint of toffee. There are notes of pine and mint on a velvety-smooth palate that's lifted by lemon and red fruit character. Juniper still dominates, bringing a classic backbone to this elegant, creamy, complex gin.

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