Casa Valduga | Vale dos Vinhedos

The Casa Valduga Winery in Vale dos Vinhedos, Brazil

The Valduga family emigrated from Italy to Brazil in 1875 and since then has been producing wine: first for their own consumption, then in bulk, and now as one of the country’s leading producers of premium bottled wine. Despite the growth of the business, the family remains involved in every aspect of production, even down to the winery design.

Casa Valduga has vineyards in three different regions across Brazil, allowing wine styles to be closely matched to terroir. Fifty hectares are in Vale dos Vinhedos (Valley of Vineyards), near the winery itself which are used to produce predominantly sparkling wine. Traditional Bordeaux grape varieties, both red and white, are grown in the drier, sunnier region of Campanha, located on the Uruguayan border. The family's largest vineyard holding, 160 hectares, sits in the granitic soils of Encruzilhada do Sul. As Brazil starts to make waves on the export market, Casa Valduga is one of the pioneering producers setting the pace.