Castello Romitorio | Montalcino

The Castello Romitorio in Montalcino, Tuscany

Castello Romitorio winery takes its name from the massive Roman fortress that sits atop a hill surrounded by thick oak forest in Northwestern Montalcino. Abandoned in the 1950’s, its rebirth as a winery occurred in 1984 when Artist Sandro Chia acquired the estate from his friend Baron Giorgio Franchetti. The restoration of ‘Castello Romitorio’ began immediately, followed by the transformation of its overgrown lands into vineyards, and the construction of a cellar on the Castle’s ground floor. Sandro embraced the innovations that were taking place in the late 1980s in Montalcino and was at the forefront of propelling the region’s wines to their current renown. Twenty years later in 2005, Filippo Chia, Sandro's son joined the business and he has overseen the range quietly garner serious critical acclaim. Sandro Chia's fascinating artwork adorns the wine labels and his sculptures and art decorate the winery.