Celliers Jean d'Alibert | Languedoc Roussillon

Celliers Jean d'Alibert Winery

The Celliers Jean d’Alibert is one of the oldest-established and most quality-focused wineries in France’s warm, sunny Languedoc region. Jean d’Alibert unites several tiny village cooperative wineries and twenty small domaines and châteaux of the ancient Haut-Minervois area near the town of Carcassonne.

Jean d’Alibert’s vineyards – spanning 7,000 hectares – comprise some of the most varied, exciting terroirs of the whole Languedoc. These include cool, light-reflective schistous terraces, breezy limestone hillsides, and sandy pre-phylloxeric vineyards bordering the Canal du Midi – all excellent for wine production.

Such diversity results in a dazzling and unrivalled array of different styles of wine, yet all displaying the richness and appetising freshness that have become one of Celliers Jean d’Alibert's hallmarks.