Central and Eastern Europe

The central and eastern reaches of Europe - from the Danube to the eastern shores of the Black sea - is home to a wide range of wines that are barely known in the UK, but offer so much to the enthusiastic and adventurous wine drinker. With a wine-making heritage dating back several thousand years, there are a myriad of unique grapes; amazing personal stories and many dynamic winemakers producing great wines in all sorts of styles and colours.

In recent times, the fall of communism has witnessed the the development of a private, smaller scale, but better wine industry which has undergone a complete revolution in quality. Consequently, the best wines today, are simply world class (demonstrated by two recent best-in-show winners from the region at Decanter World Wine Awards. Grapes like Furmint, Grašac, Prokupac, Teran, Zilavka, Saperavi, Smederevka, Vranac and many more, are now proving themselves capable of great wines - in the right hands, grown in the right places and with careful attention to detail.

We hope that our selection of wines from Central and Eastern Europe certainly pricks your interest!