Champagne Guy de Chassey | Montagne de Reims

Guy de Chassey Vineyards

The Guy de Chassey estate is nestled at the foot of the Montagne de Reims in the village of Louvois, one of only 17 villages in Champagne to have 100% Grand Cru status, as defined in Champagne’s complex quality hierarchy. Some Pinot Noir is also used from their holdings in the village of Bouzy (also of Grand Cru status), as the microclimate here is a touch warmer and the Pinot Noir grapes often riper.

Today, Champagne Guy de Chassey is run by Marie-Odile de Chassey, whose daughter Ingrid expertly monitors the vinification, carrying out most of the vineyard work by hand. Conscious of quality and sustainable production, the house grows all the grapes used for its Champagnes, of which just 4,000 cases are made each year. Such is the excellence of the fruit grown here at Guy de Chassey that a percentage of the annual harvest has been sold off historically to the traditional Grande Marque Champagne houses, although Marie-Odile de Chassey is now retaining more grapes for her own production.